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Back in 1984 when the Olympics were in LA, my son would emulate all the track and field guys. He was Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses, anybody who leapt, ran, but he did it inside the house. I would come home and there would be an obstacle course set up using sofa cushions, chairs etc. He did the steeple chase by running a circle (weird house I tell ya) and then having me flick water on him. He's now 31 and I'm sure he will teach his kids to do the same in a much bigger house with a hot tub instead of flicked water. Sometimes I want my little boy back. Or at least closer (he is in Iowa and I in Michigan)


If you've got ten years before you're too cool for her, you're doing better than me. Earlier today, I got my first "Mom! You're embarrassing me!" from my not-quite-9-year-old. My crime? Dancing in the car. Alone on a road. Where no one else could see.

Sigh. It's gonna be a long ten years till college.


I think you should have painted stubble onto him.


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