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You know, this makes sense seeing as how they recently removed the awesome macaroni and cheese from their menu. You know the one with regular mac -n- cheese topped with goat cheese? Yum. I'm sure it had an illegal number of calories in it, though. Ah, well. Off to see how bad that fiesta pollo (hold the pollo) salad is for me...


A bulletin board-type site to talk about bloggers!

It’s brand new – get it going the way you would like to see it! New topics at will, and forums by request are yours for the asking.

Blogs are a wonderful way for the blogger to express his or her viewpoint…but they don’t allow much feedback if you happen to disagree, or if you really agree and want to amplify on it.

Razzlefratz.com provides a clean slate for you to vent…praise…flame…whatever.

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One today is worth two tomorrows.

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