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moreena Tiede

You've really nailed that ambivalence of the first time around. It's such an overwhelming and not-so-fun experience giving birth that I think feeling at a loss is pretty common. I know I had that feeling.

But, I also must add, that as much as I loved the entry itself, the footnotes below were alone worth the price of admission.

Cynical Mom

moreena: haha thanks =)


This is such a great post. Very honest. More women need to read posts like these! Thanks for sharing.

By the way, I found your blog through a link on Mike's blog (Something About Parenting).

I'll be back to read more, I'm sure! :)


I love this post! Very eloquently captures my feelings about my kids as well. My 2nd, Max, is now 4 months old and my first is 3. When Max was born, they put him on my chest and he latched on within seconds. And I felt a bond that I didn't feel with Josh for weeks. Maybe because they whisked Josh away and I didn't see him for six hours after the birth. Now, between temper tantrums, I too relish hearing "It's OK, Maxy. It's OK" and offers to help wash his toes in the bathtub. Thanks for sharing....

Ameda Ultra

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