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Yeah, we're finally getting to the more successful parts of potty training. I feel like our laissez-faire attitude is paying off. It's great. (still working on the poop thing, though.)


Isn't it funny how we forget that what's important is what motivates THEM, not us? Something new I learned w/baby2 is that what motivates HER isn't the same as what motivated Liam. I was offering major treats for going poopy on the potty, Liam's challenge area (which is putting it nicely - barf!) She has not yet had a poop accident in what is probably 20 turds flushed down to the poopy party (you know, the one under the house, where the poopy goes when it flushes. That worked for Liam too. BARF!) Pee, well...still somewhere near 1 accident a day. Lucky it's summer and not too chilly and most happen at home (duoh, you'd think I'd be clued in on this and paying better attention - they also almost always happen between 3 and 5 PM. I just am oblivious then apparently.)

My suggestion..."run out" of pullups. Cold turkey worked best for both kids. Liam did it of his own volition. Anastasia did not, but hasn't put up a fuss. We still use diapers at night most of the time, but she's dry most of the time at night (except this morning, sigh, the one night all week I didn't put her in a diaper.) I tell her that since she's such a good sleeper and sleeps all night, we use a diaper ONLY at night, just in case mommy can't get to her fast enough to help her get to the potty. Seems funny to potty train a child who is still in a crib, but hey - I'm not giving up the crib til she does! :)

Anyway - good luck! And even though I don't know the syntax (C++?) exactly, I got the geeky nature of the title joke. You are a geek, embrace it. ;)

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