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There's that famous quote, which I went looking for because I couldn't exactly remember the wording, and discovered that the quote is famous because it's attributed to Voltaire but he never actually wrote it...instead it appeared in a book ABOUT him, the author summarizing his point of view in saying:
"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

To me, it's not about disapproval/disagreement. I don't give a yaya, you do what you want/need to in your family and I'll do what's appropriate in mine. I was SOOOOO much more judgemental before having kids. LOL Don't get me wrong, I'm still judgemental (I can't believe how bratty her kid is! Mine is way better behaved/smarter/neater/quieter/insert your adjective here) But I think I have learned a lot more about the kinds of pressures you can be under as a parent, and how each child and their uniqueness causes you to make parenting decisions you wouldn't necessarily have anticipated. Sure, I figured I'd nurse for a year. John always joked that if they got old enough to ask for it, they were too old. NOT MY FAULT THE DAMN KIDS LEARNED THE SIGN FOR NURSING BEFORE THEIR FIRST BIRTHDAY! Goal-directed learning. Clearly nursing filled a need in my child's life that was as or more important than most other needs, since they worked their little fists in a pumping motion to indicate their desire to nurse before they could utter an intelligible syllable.

I think with a lot of things in parenting, until you've walked a mile...it's not OK to judge. You have no idea what's going on in someone else's parenting life. Kids are such wildcards, you never know what you're getting...

But back to your point, I agree, if we all were elbowfeeding, it would be a lot less of a big deal. Of course, unless the elbow were considered an erotic part of the body...then it'd be SCANDAL!!!


A-MEN to that.

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