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Your timing for this is perfect! Just yesterday I was pleased as punch that my daughter can pull off black so well (not many baby girls can). We found little black flaired pants, a black hoodie (with white faux fur trim) and a blood red t-shirt. I was tickled. It matched her stomping, brooding mood.

While I usually share the feeling of revolt you express on girl clothes, I also take particular pleasure in dressing M. in pink and foof and flowers, because she is the most cynical, snide, skeptical, and spunky kid I've ever seen. The pink and fluff lure in the unsuspecting grannies to coo over her. She greets them with "the look." It can burn holes in foreheads. She stares them down in a deadly what the f you lookin' at? It's a riot.


I think the problem is really with The Gap. I don't think God shops at the Gap; they don't carry her size.

Yeah, those florals are hideous. It's sad that the best of those was the adult shirt *shudder*. It is possible to find cute floral prints though; Gymboree had a nice tropical floral last year. Part of the problem is the size of the pattern (those Gap florals are way to small) and then the bubblegum pink that's "hot" this season. Shnikees.


Yeah, when my daughter was a toddler, I shopped in the boys' department. (She did own pink clothes, but they were all bought by someone not named me.) Unfortunately, she still managed to get sucked into princess attire and all manner of pink floral awfulness, so I no longer have that option. It is possible to find decent stuff via catalogs & online, but it's generally soooo expensive.

Cynical Mom

Kimmers: Audrey was dressed in a red onesie and black pants recently and I remember thinking how awesome she looked, AND the onesie even had ruffles, but I could only stomach them because it was red.

Edenza: The last link is to gymboree... and gymboree's just as bad, if not worse, for most of their lines, IMO. Old Navy actually seems to do better than most, maybe those godawful flower prints are a touch pricey fabric-wise?

Landismom: You have outlined one of my biggest fears for my daughter. All I can hope is that she will model herself after her brother... who, come to think of it, is really fastidious, dresses preppy, doesn't like to be dirty...hrm. At least his dollhouse is just plain wood instead of pink barf.

mama kelly

while my youngest is a PINK girl by her own choice -- I agree that little girls do not always have to be in ribbons and ruffles and bows


Funny, we dress our daughter in a lot of floral or especially has-roses stuff.

On the other hand, not one but TWO seperate people bought us an (apparently expensive) baby gap outfit that i banned upon first seeing it-- it's a white hoodie with pink trim and white flared pants that make her look like a gangbanger.

Who needs to make their 3-6mo old look like a gangbanger? Can we protest that?

And ya, it had some flowers.


How can it be God's fault that women are dressing their daughters in this manner? Why take the blame from where it should be, then drop them off on a figure who can not answer? Why not stop paying attention to the way other people decide to dress their children and focus more on the issues that plauge your life?


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