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That's pretty evil. Trolls are stupid, regardless of their politics, but right-wing trolls seem stupider than most.


Thank you for the information on a new and interesting blog. I'll check it out and add my support and congratulations for them as well.

The comments from that unhappy and unpleasant person will hopefully be deleted before I get there. What a sad existence that commenter must have. Imagine the pitiful life that would allow someone to be so mean to other human beings, especially on a personal blog celebrating the arrival of a newborn. Truly pitiful.


I get so frustrated with that kind of craziness too. To think that there are people out there who feel some type of moral/religious obligation to trash someone on one of their happiest occasions is just crap.

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks since I've been home on maternity leave with my daughter. Keep up the good work!


Wow, why did you have to point me towards that? Now I'm angry and shaking and my mind is reeling with all the ways I could verbally bitchsmack that woman should I ever have the displeasure of meeting her. It's bad enough to be an ignorant bigot, but to use the most joyous occasion in a person's life as an opportunity to vomit all over her happiness is beyond the pale. On the bright side, thanks for pointing me towards another blog worth reading.


Totally agree. Unfortunatley people are afraid of what they don't understand. Hatred comes from the unloved. It's sad that an obviously insecure woman spewed insults at a secure, happy family. I feel more pity for people like that than anger.

Second, Mom 101. Thanks for introducing me to a new blog!

Mama Kelly

How downright horrible. We have tried very hard to raise our girls free from bigotry like this. I was very proud the other day when my youngest proclaimed that "everyone is normal, we're just all different".

Love makes a family
Love is about 2 souls, not 2 sets of genitals
Love is love
It's a blessing however it presents itself in our lives

Mama Kelly


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