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Bob Sher

Why on Earth are you reading Ayn Rand? People talk about the great stories she tells (Fountainhead being her other major book), but her philosophy of Objectivism is straight out of the Donald Trump "It's all about me" playbook.

Cynical Mom

Atlas Shrugged was a great story, I enjoyed it very much. I skipped through a few pages when the philosophizing got too annoying.


Your post made me cringe. I hope you know that electrons are the ones that go about an atomic nucleus, and that protons (along with neutrons) are the ones that make up the nucleus, right? You talk about a simile being pretentious, but then you respond with a misinformed (and thereby pretentious) simile of your own. Please tell me that I'm just being obtuse and missing your sarcasm!


OK. You're being obtuse and missing my sarcasm. :-)

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