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Good luck on your trip! That is so cute that he wanted to have all the pictures taken. My daughter really enjoyed her first Christmas & Hanukkah as a big sister, not because of the joys of giving, but because we let her open all her brother's gifts, too.


Can't wait to see you guys this week. Jared looks like such a big boy. Can't you just squeeze his little cheeks? He's gorgeous!


Your photos are always so great! I'm very curious how you got the lighting so perfect here?

Cynical Mom

Thanks Laura! In these pictures it was a bounce flash... we always use an external flash attached to the hotshoe, and then we bounce it off the ceiling so that there's no direct light on the subject (which makes it harsh and blows out parts of the pic like the faces of those with light skin). In our house the ceiling is a brown paint color and so it gives it a kind of orangey yellowey glow, I usually end up fixing that up a little bit in photoshop after the fact.

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