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When my daughter graduated from highschool, I wanted to put up some photos of her at her party (which is the tradition here), but I couldn't find too many photos of her alone. In almost every picture, she is with her three brothers or some cousins.


Not to mention that there will be probably about 100 times as many pictures of our kids as there were pictures of us as kids. With digital allowing us to take 17 pictures of an event, where our parents probably used up one precious flash-cube for an event, we end up with zillions more.

Cynical Mom

jo(e) - good thing to remember, I've been taking a fair amount of pics of each of them alone but I haven't been doing it on purpose really, it's just that they're not always together. I'm sure this will be important to them later in life.

Suzanne - indeed, and we're worse than usual in that respect, we're camera nuts =)


Interesting post. I worry that my digital photos won't last as long as the film ones that my parents took. I did start a photo album for both of my kids (in our pre-digital camera days), but I haven't been updating them that much lately (since we got the digital camera--coincidence? or no...).

Cynical Mom

Landis: We keep several copies of our digital photos (But admittedly we're both geeks). One copy is our 'current photos' storage. Periodically we archive a group of those photos to DVD, and then keep a copy of the DVD on a separate hard drive. Then we also upload the HTML web pages to a separate server, so technically we have 4 copies of each photo (only 3 of which are suitable for printing though).

There's a variety of cheap, small printers that can easily do 4x6 prints, just feed them the list of photos, if you're interested. Also there are services like shutterfly and snapfish, I use those when I'm with my family and they want prints of what I shoot. Of course that requires a decent network connection in order to upload, but at least they'll store the photos for free! I especially like snapfish because for a minimal fee they'll let you re-download the original photos you upload, so it's like a nice backup "just in case". So I guess that makes it FIVE copies of some of my photos =)

I do a lot of scrapbooking with our photos, so I do end up having them digitally as well as in hard copy. Of course, I enjoy it, it's not a chore.

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