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What shocks me about this story, even if there are good reasons, is that family doesn't talk to family. In spite of how crazy we all are (love ya, mean it! kiss kiss) that just would NEVER happen. I mean, I can't even imagine a scenario so awful that I wouldn't be in touch with everyone, I guess barring drug use and physically abusive stuff, but even then I'd keep TABS, if not actual contact. In talking to other friends I have discovered that this is somewhat unusual...even in DH's family there have been years-long "breaks." Weird.

Meanwhile, I hope for the best.


Cynical Mom

Yeah, I don't get it either. It's one thing to just not have a lot in common and not chat much, but to not speak to each other in times of emergency... i don't understand how you get to that point.


And now that Rita's gone, you see why so few people evacuate before storms. A lot of dire warnings, not that bad happening.

Heck, if the levees had been in slightly better shape NOLA might have been ok after Katrina -- it took nearly 24 hours for them to breach.

Cynical Mom

I'm not clear if you are just pointing out the "cry wolf" syndrome, or if you're agreeing that they were right not to evacuate.

If the former, I agree that yes, we are seeing cry wolf in use here. But if the latter, I still completely disagree. Based on the information available as of last week, they should have evacuated.

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