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I love kellymom. Jack Newman is scary, even when he has good info. I was very lucky that breastfeeding was pretty easy for me, although I did have some supply issues eventually with pumping. And you know what I discovered was the best possible thing I could do to boost my supply? Get enough sleep. Take that, you night-waking-isn't-a-problem zealots!


Jack Newman, MD, of all people, should realize the non-common-sensicalness (not a word, I know, But I need it for my point :)) of his response. There's a little phenomenon in the biological world called the "fight or flight" response. In this response, if an organism is under attack (ie predator, pain, etc) the biological response is to stand its ground or GET AWAY FROM IT. I had painful bleeding nipples with my youngest.....he who would nurse every 1 1/2 - 2 hours around the clock. Basically - he would latch on, it would hurt, I wouldn't let down, he would become more aggressive trying to eat, it would hurt more, etc, etc, etc. Yes....you CAN (theoretically) nurse with bleeding nipples, but it's NO fun. And, if you don't know you are bleeding (ie on the inside of your breast) and your DC spits up blood, it tends to FREAK you out just a bit. :)

Susan ~ Dances with Minivans

Ouch! Reading about breastfeeding makes my chest hurt!
I've added you to my blogroll~


Eliz: I have strong hopes it won't be so painful for me this time around. Crossing my fingers.

Kendra: I know the feeling very well :P I used to cry just thinking about how he would need to start eating soon.

Susan: thanks!


I read "Nipples that are painful and bleeding are not worse than nipples that are painful and not bleeding" and read that as not worse for the baby, i.e. you're not doing any harm to the baby if you're bleeding a little bit into the breastmilk.

Cynical Mom

Like I said, I knew what he was trying to say. But it's a stupid way to say it. Lead off on the positive note (aww you poor thing) and then end with the point (blood can't hurt baby).

Here's a suggested rewrite: "Of course, painful and bleeding nipples are not a good thing for a mother's body or emotions, and for any mother encountering them, are a variety of techniques you can use to figure out what's wrong and reduce the pain and stop the bleeding. Also, know that the blood *can't* harm the baby - there's actually small amounts of blood in breastmilk at all times."

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