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I've never tried one of those matching things before, but I can see how it would be problematic. I think I resonate with you partly because I like computers and I'm a natural cynic too. We're also in similar, though not identical, life phases. But it goes beyond that, and it doesn't have anything to do with hobbies or interests, as far as I can tell--I'm not into photography and you may not have a fascination with yoga or economics.

I am very picky about friends, both real-world and blogging. I think some people want lots and lots of friends and are very open and welcoming to new relationships--they're the ones with the huge blogrolls I suppose. I'm not that way. I want a few good ones and that's the way I've ended up relating in the blogosphere too. It's not very good for hit counts but it suits me.


I had 2 good sucesses with matchingmoms, and a ton of absolutely abyssmal failures. In fact, that is what inspired my first blog post.. and many later posts: a failure with a matchingmoms "match".
Describing myself as "quirky" and "ironic" doesn't really translate well, in a short paragraph about yourself.
oh well!

Cynical Mom

Anne - excellent point, I'm the same way. I don't value quantity of friends nearly as strongly as quality. I'd prefer to have one friend I spent 5 evenings a week with versus five I spent one evening a week (or month) with.

Kira - That success rate is why I have yet to go forward with one of those kinds of things. I just don't have the energy to put up with the failures!


So, you did it. I have to go check out this site. But, I hesitate. I swear my blogging persona is way cooler than the real me. So THAT is quite the conundrum.

I never realized finding other moms that: 1) don't smother me into every playdate/scrapbooking/stamingup/pampered chef party in existence, 2)Didn't just drive me crazy with woe is me stories, 3) understand my once work-from-home-WITH-child-full-time scenario and now the back to work scenario, and finally 4) is just cool to be around and the kids get along.

There could really be a market in this: Mommy-Playdates begin!



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