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Anonymous friend

Have you considered that taking EVERYTHING as negative, complaining that it's unfair that somewhere, there's someone who thinks you're wrong, or that EVERYTHING someone says to you even when it's positive is really just a veiled slur, is a serious problem?

It's one thing to be analytical, but I think you've taken it too far.

Enjoyment of life happens when YOU enjoy your life. Go live it, and be happy with yourself. If you don't like the way you're living it, change it so that's fixed. But don't worry what someone else thinks.


Footnote 2: Whiny men really suck too.

And regarding your general article, I do think you're wrong. It is good for him to get to spend more time with his mom. You are going to be a part of him for a long long time.

No matter how nice his day care is, he'll never see most of the caregivers there again once he turns 5. I think it's good for him for you to be there.

As for the people who think you're doing the right thing, well, maybe you feel like you have to sell it to yourself as selfishness? And even if it is purely selfish, maybe they were telling you "good for you" because it was, you know, good for you. Which dovetails nicely with your supposed motive.

I know the feeling you have, though. I've always felt like an outsider for as long as I can remember, and that usually meant that established ideas in the mainstream were, to me, wrong. So your natural reflex when a group of people agree is to immediately take a contrarian position. It's just that, in this case, it's not warranted. Sometimes the mob is right.

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