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Thank you for articulating everything I thought when I read this story!

If people were rational (c'mon, I can dream), we could answer the question of what SAHPs are worth by looking at how much insurance we carry on them. In the case of my wonderful part-time SAHD husband, that would be the same as what's recommended for an income-producer making about $150k. Even at that, I doubt I could hire out everything he does for our household for that amount. But most people don't carry insurance on the stay-at-home parent at all.


Great post, KC! Sure, you can try to ascertain a value for life insurance puropses, but the true value of a parent just can't be quantified financially (as ElizabethN mentioned). At-home parenthood isn't about the money anyway... it's about the kids.


I as well find those analyses bogus. My au pair's pay works out to about $250 for 50 hours a week of child care. Even if you double it on the theory that I'm caring for the kids at the same time (I'll be chauffeuring one while she cares for the other two, for example), it's still only $26,000 a year.

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