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You and I have had this debate before, but I think that we probably underestimate the strength by which modernist doctors were convinced (and in turn passed along to new mothers) the idea that modern formula was better than tired old breastfeeding between 1920 and 1970.

Cynical Mom

Oh I don't deny it, my mom was one of very few at the time who breastfed and the push was definitely in the direction of formula. So I do have some sympathy for the cultish aspects of pro-breastfeeding, that they feel they need to be that strongly pro-BF to negate the years of anti-BF. But I believe there are ways to be supportive and provide information without also simultaneously cramming it down your gullet. :-)


You forgot to mention Induced Male Lactation as an option (check out http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/miscarticles/milkmen.html )! See, dads can breastfeed too ( check out http://www.unhinderedliving.com/nursingfather.html )!! (seriously!) I feel so guilty that I didn't even try to do this...

The problem with these books is that they are about someone else, written by someone who does not know your particular circumstances. We found some of the books helpful in the area of symptoms of various illnesses, and trivia like info about child development, but mostly went with our instincts.

And of course the bias against dads in most of what's written out there is overwhelming. It's as if these people are stuck in some 1950s time warp or something.

Anyway, excellent book review/rant! This is why I love your blog!


ps I was just joking about feeling guilty...

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